Acceptance and Respect for Diversity!

All human beings have one thing in common which is their desire for happiness. You want happiness, and I want happiness. You do not want suffering and I do not want suffering. This is what makes us one. We cannot get happiness at the expense of someone else’s happiness. You need to be confident and courageous enough to build your society and your home without harming others. Without confidence you cannot build your country and without having compassion and education you cannot serve the nation. Humans should make efforts with wisdom and education which should be mixed with love, passion, and compassion. We should try our best and work hard. The honesty to serve your country with love and kindness will make the nation the greatest one.

Human beings like to call everything its own property. We like to call… my book, my way, my opinion, my sect. These factors lead us to fight each other because of the feeling of belonging and superiority over others due to the “ my things”. If we say that the thing is ours, and we all can use it together in its most effective and productive way with more efficiency, the point of “my” will no longer exist as a distractive factor which creates enmity, separation, discrimination… among human being and create a false perception of arrogance and superiority.

As younger generation, we are able to educate people to lets study together, bring different groups together, discuss together, make friends from diverse sectors, and remove the misunderstandings. Do not go out with a weapon but bring them together in peace because we humans do not favor war and can be altogether in peace and humanity.

Reflection on the Dalai Lama’s Sayings and his wordings…


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Gharsanay Amin as recognition of her work got the “Emerging Young Leader’s Award” in 2017 by the US State Department; the second Degree Promotion from the President of Afghanistan, H.E. Dr.Ashraf Ghani; and the Responsible Citizen Award by the H.E. First Lady of Afghanistan, Rula Ghani. She is the organizer of the Young Women Leadership Conference, which provides leadership workshops for girls ages 14-19. Successful conferences have been held in Kabul, Bamyan, and Nangarhar, Ghor, Samangan, and Heart provinces with more than 500 beneficiaries. She is the co-founder of the Global Youth Development Initiative where students are connected to professional and peer mentors from across the world for academic advising and international exposure. Gharsanay is the co-organizer of the first ever Model UN in Afghanistan. As the team ambassador in the Everywhere Everywoman Project, she has been a part of a team whose mission is to develop the first ever-international Treaty on Violence Against Women from 2015-2017. She is changing the hearts and minds of the Ulema through the Afghan Girls Sustainable Education project which aims to increase enrollment and decrease drop out rates. Over 100 Ulema, tribal leaders and elders representing 21 districts from all over Nangarhar province have participated and she plans additional workshops in Jalalabad and then Laghman Province. Gharsanay recently won the Enterprise for Peace Scholarship representing Afghanistan in the One Young World Summit, 2018. She also secured a scholarship for the Generation Change Fellowship which is a two years abroad fellowship by the United States Institute of Peace. She is a Global Youth Change Ambassador by the Roundtable Global. She is also an alumni of Philia Women Empowerment, a platform provided by AUAF. She with a team represented AUAF in Willem Vis Moot Court Competition in Kuwait and in Hong Kong (getting the runner up award which for the first time a team from Afghanistan made it to that level), in ICC (International Criminal Court) Moot Court Competition in Hague, Netherlands, in International Dispute Resolution Competition held in India, and in IIT Mumbai Debate Tournament in India. She was one of the Youth Leaders in Youth Leader’s Exchange with His Holliness the Dalai Lama discussing the issues of healing and resilience and how to support youth peace building, encourage exchange with each other and manage conflict with non-violent ways and to develop inner peace. She was representing Afghanistan in the 9th Ministerial Meeting in the USA, Community of Democracies Civil Society Conference. Gharsanay was also selected to attend the Women2Women International Leadership Conference in Boston in 2015. She is a graduate of AUAF with securing high honor and honor awards almost in all the semesters and is a successful finalist for the 2019-2020 Fulbright cohort for Master’s degree. She has been teaching assistant in two courses offered at AUAF namely the Informal dispute resolution class and in the University success class. She did research in the rule of law and development in Afghanistan with Stanford Professor, Mehdi Hakimi

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